Saturday, 10 September 2016

R4 3DS

With the Nintendo 3DS now within our grasp, one cannot help but to be filled with excitement for the forthcoming release of the brand-new hand-held console. Nintendo, known as the pioneer in hand-held game consoles beginning with the Game Boy in early 90s, promises their newest console to become a revolutionary device that will change the face of the gaming world. And with the 3DS employing the first and only 3D gaming for the hand-held console, it's hard not to trust that is coming true. R4 3DS
Now if you think about yourself a rookie in the gaming world and you're planning to purchase a Nintendo 3DS for yourself, worry not. While it's generally intimidating when you're having fun with a technological device for the very first time, it's really not that complicated once you get the hang of it. Below are just some of what the 3DS needs to offer.
3D Gaming Designed for a Handheld Console
Yes, you read it right: 3D gaming is finally making its method to the hand-held consoles, and it's exclusive to the new Nintendo 3DS. Experience 3D gaming like no time before, and experience everything without having to use special 3D glasses. Use the Depth Slider switch located at the left side of the screen to modify the depth of the 3D graphics, and switch it on and off to decide on between the new 3D look or the standard 2D. Have a blast together with your 3DS as your games come to life. R4
Motion Sensor and Gyro Sensor
Portable gaming takes one step further with the 3DS'amazing features that bring new and unique game play mechanics to the table. The 3DS includes a built-in motion sensor and gyro sensor that is designed to react to every motion done to the console, so that every movement is translated into your game. Have plenty of fun as you twist and turn, progress, down and laterally and watch your 3DS respond simultaneously, bringing your entertainment to a complete new level.
Double Screen
The double screen feature that descends from the Nintendo DS is visiting the 3DS, bringing twice the screen and twice the fun. The wide screen which is often bought at the the surface of the console boasts of an 800x240 pixel resolution, while underneath LCD touchscreen display includes a 320x240 pixel resolution. The utmost effective screen divides the resolution by two for every eye which helps create the 3D effect. Both screens combine for displaying over 16 million colors, displaying clear and bright graphics for both screens.
New Analog Pad
Nintendo fans have reason to celebrate, as the new 3DS is currently equipped by having an additional analog pad which can be called the Circle Pad, a substantial upgrade from the Nintendo DS which only includes a D-pad. Choose between the 2 pads depending which of the 2 suits your game or situation the best. Use the original D-pad for an even more accurate and precise control pad, and the analog or Circle Pad for games requiring fluid and smooth motion.
Backwards Compatibility
Focused on whether you'd have the ability to play your old Nintendo DS games on your 3DS? No problem with that. Almost all existing Nintendo DS and DSi games are compatible to play with on the 3DS, which means you won't have to put these games on the shelf. With backwards compatibility, you'll have the ability to play your DS games with the same quality and feel as before.
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