Thursday, 8 September 2016

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The trend of paperless office or e-Government has grown rapidly. However, irrespective of the way the vision of a paperless office has been brought to reality, you will find needs for certain types of work which are still must be communicated in an application of paper documents. Like, government-issued and legal documents, whether it is a birth certificate, a driving license, a passport, an insurance document, or a contract, need to remain in a paper form. cheap website brisbane
With the technological advancement of digital printing and scanning which can be obtained at low costs but has very high efficiency and quality, criminals can simply produce counterfeit documents for defrauding. This causes it to be difficult to differentiate the counterfeit documents from the authentic documents. By misusing modern equipment whether it is a scanner, a printer or even a plotter, it is regarded as a threatened danger to the nation's society and economy.
Authenticating paper-based documents usually requires a specialist. This solely depends on a convenience of the expert who can verify to the documents. There are always a lot of organizations which are set up to work in the area of forensic science in lots of countries. This kind of work utilizes special equipment such as a UV lamp, a magnifying glass, or an infrared inspector to simply help with the inspection. Used, it is burdensome for the organization which has a massive amount documents must be inspected quickly. For instance, a bank has to utilize checks, bills of exchange, and receipts. Because of the forensic science work that must follow a particular procedure in respect to what the law states, it may take a significant number of time. The procedure may involve sending the documents must be verified to the police, having the specialist verify the document, and so on. StelWare Pvt Ltd
This paper presents the procedure of authenticating paper-based documents that can be used quite conveniently, quickly, and semi-automatically, by applying digital signature and QR code. This enables the verification of the documents without according to any special institute like the forensic science center.

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