Saturday, 10 September 2016

meizitang botanical slimming

When lots of people take a snack for breakfast, generally choose dry food, such as biscuits, chocolate, etc. However, the body after a night sleep consumes large levels of water and nutrients, early each morning is dehydrated, and all sorts of inadequate secretion of digestive juice, eat dry food is going to be difficult to swallow, also detrimental to digestion and absorption of food. Additionally, if breakfast snacks can't enough nutrients to the body.
Breakfast suggestion:
Boost the staples such as bread, this sort of cereal will make human body get enough carbohydrates, and conducive to the absorption of milk. At once, the sour milk can't drink on an empty stomach, tomatoes, bananas, pears and other acidic taste of fruit and crude fiber of fruit aren't conducive to the morning on an empty stomach. botanical slimming
Fast food breakfast - Chinese Fried breakfast, American breakfast
Plenty of people at the time of breakfast preference of Chinese style Fried food such as Fried dough sticks, Fried cake, western-style hamburger and coffee, black tea, or milk. Chinese breakfast eat Fried dough sticks, general is a kind of habit, we grew up but actually because it's warm Fried food, like baked wheat cake, bread, Fried dumplings, etc have grease on the high side. Fried dough sticks includes a high heat, grease can also be difficult to digest, plus soya-bean milk also belong to the fatty foods, this combination of grease quantity obviously exceeds bid, unfavorable use for a lengthy time. Particularly for women, long-term use of Fried foods, body endotoxin increases, will accelerate the aging!
Breakfast suggestion:
In the event that you compare favorite Fried dough sticks, such as food, eat can control the number of times, as an example, once per week, and then the afternoon try to eat light lunch and dinner; If love western breakfast, can boost the fruit or vegetable, balanced nutrition, but also cannot eat more. Mymeizitang
"Nutrition" breakfast nutrition foods, like fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, but no food
This type of breakfast in general is quite well-liked by women, as the staple food is the key source of heat, and heat is slim women and the enemy of fat people... So, all sorts of high nutritious food to eat, and to reduce the heat. Many people mistakenly think that only provide heat, staple food and nutrition to hang don't rise to the bait, in fact, carbohydrates is within the scope of nutrition, but also to the body is very important, since there is insufficient heat supply, the body will automatically release heat decomposition.

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