Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Fluffy Favourites

As your dog trainer I cannot overstate the importance of having a wide variety of dog toys. Dogs are a sensible animal and need to keep their brains stimulated otherwise they could become bored and destructive, and this is one of many major causes people give for surrendering their dogs to the pound system. It is our responsibility to be sure our pets are adequately exercised and entertained.
From tough toys, Kong toys, puppy teething toys, fluffy squeaky toys, to chew toys, your dog needs a continuing source of entertainment. Cheap dog toys, while tempting, will not last the length and can sometimes end up being quite dangerous because they are constructed with lesser quality materials and could be easily swallowed.
All dogs are different and what one dog finds fun and interesting may bore the socks off another. Puppies like something soft and fluffy to cuddle as much as as this reminds them of these litter mates. As they get a little older and start teething, they need an excellent array of chew toys and teething toys to avoid the irritation due to losing their baby teeth and growing their new teeth.
Dogs also feel the world making use of their mouths, so if they're mouthing you or chewing the wrong thing, don't just inform them never to, give them what they're allowed to play with. When they're a little older you can start to work through which toys they like and that they don't.
Please don't make the mistake of shopping for your dog a baseball and deciding they don't like toys if they don't play with it. My dog won't play with a baseball to truly save her life, but tugging on a fluffy squeaky toy is her favourite thing to do. Kong toys, that may be full of treats and even frozen, are great toys to give your pet if you are planning to leave them alone for a while because it keeps them occupied.
Get your dog a number of toys and rotate them weekly or so. Imagine how you would feel if you'd to view the same DVD or read the same book over and over again. BORED TO TEARS. A bored dog is a destructive dog. You can't blame them for finding something to play with if that you do not supply them with it.
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