Thursday, 15 September 2016

Child support

I understand that article in addition to this subject will probably touch the chord of so many people both positive and negative, both mothers and fathers. I recently posed a question to both men and women and to my astonishment; both favored and concurred with it. So, what is it? Child support! Did you realize that child support is decided on the income of the noncustodial parent? Yes, I'm sure nearly all of you realize that. However, do nearly all of you agree that child support laws are antiquated and biased and must be changed?
If support payment is dependant on a noncustodial parent income, then what happens to the excess of the cash that's received by the custodial parent when the child's needs are taken care of? Most noncustodial parents want accountability for the payments received. I concur. Through the divorce process, both parties are expected presenting a financial affidavit outlining almost all their expenses, assets and their income. Why then shouldn't custodial parents outline the monthly expenses of the kid or children and present that to establish support payment? If it takes only $500 for a child's monthly expenses and the custodial parent receives $1200, then the rest of the $700 is custodial support. Doesn't seem fair does it? The question that has been presented to both men and women was should custodial parents be accountable for the kid support payment they receive? Child support
Child support laws have changed in several states to incorporate the income of both parents, however, it must be changed nationwide for child support to be on the basis of the expenses of every child. Most noncustodial parents would then stop evading child support and the ones that are reluctant to pay child support will pay child support because it is likely to be on the basis of the expenses and needs of the child. In order to make child support fair to both parents, this small change can be easily implemented when establishing the kid support order.
Christy is pregnant by her ex-boyfriend and she stumbled on my office for advice on how to proceed with her relationship with the daddy of her child. She was quite angry and disappointed but elated that she was having a baby. She did not need the daddy involved with the unborn baby and wanted to complete all of it by herself. I believed how selfish, but I told her that her baby would benefit by having both parents associated with his/her life. In another session, we discuss simply how much child support she should receive. I asked her to publish down most of the expenses she would incur from having the baby in addition to the budget monthly for looking after the baby. She brought the expenses within a follow-up session and I suggested that's the amount you ask for child support and present the daddy with the budget. When she came ultimately back, her relationship with the daddy had taken a confident turn. Christy informed me he was relieved that she was fair and equitable in choosing the financial responsibility of raising their child. stop paying child support
However, the face area of child support is changing. Statistic suggests that 85% of custodial parents are mothers and 15% are fathers. The fasting growing segment/population of parents are fathers. More and more fathers are fighting for custody and in the current changing world; more fathers are becoming custody of these children.
This is the perfect place to introduce Denise. Denise contacted me last year when her husband, of whom she was separated from, kept her two children once they visited him for the summer. She wanted to learn her rights and the rights of her husband. What I shared with her shocked her. No parent actually has custody of these children unless it is outlined and determined in a divorce decree or in other documentation signed by both parents. I suggested to Denise that after the children keep coming back for the Christmas holiday she could keep the children with her. However, I also suggested that she must have a candid conversation with her children to see where they prefer to live, with mommy or daddy.
At Christmas her two children came to go to, however, Denise did not take my advice. The children went back after the vacation to their father. During her divorce hearing in the next spring, and when the matter of custody was presented, the judge asked, "in the event that you wanted the children with you, why didn't you keep them once they came to go to?" He continued to say, "in the event that you didn't think the daddy was carrying out a good job with the children, why did you allow them to remain with him for so long." Denise called me following the hearing and informed me that the daddy was awarded custody and she must have heard me.

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